Published on 01/07/2017 8:59 am
Wood Burning Pool Heater – The Ultimate Energy Saver

Heating a swimming pool is no doubt a costly affair, and with increasing power costs, a lot of pools across the country now left unused for most part of the year, as their owners are no longer capable of affording the expenditure of keeping them warm. Luckily, there’s now a cost-effective option readily available for the pool owners – wood fired pool heaters. A wood-burning pool heater manufactured by Timberline Wood Water Stoves can be employed to heat your outdoor pool. All you have to do is connect the inlet & outlet lines to your present water circulation or filtration system and you are ready for a warm bathing session.

Hot swimming pool during winter is not a luxury anymore:

The fuel supply may sound old or unnecessarily frugal, but the technology is absolutely new in wood fired pool heaters. Our wood-burning pool heaters are manufactured to be pretty competent and can burn any sort of wood, converting practically all of the fuel’s prospective energy into heat at a speed of 80kW. As soon as the fire blazes in its full flow, it’s so hot that almost all the fuel is consumed & the boiler won’t generate any noticeable smoke. However, it’s suggested that you don’t employ coal or green wood, as these can depart a heavy, tarry substance within the burner and need more regular cleaning.

wood burning pool heater

Save money through wood fired pool heater:

The mainstream of grid power, be it electricity or gas, isn’t renewable, it takes away carbon that has been accumulated in the earth in different forms & discharges it into the environment. Wood brought from a managed forest is renewable, as for each tree that’s cut down, one more tree is planted to substitute it. Thus, now you can enjoy a warm and welcoming swimming-pool all through the year with a negligible impact on your family’s total carbon footprint.

As energy cost is skyrocketing, it’s now economical to heat your swimming-pool through wood in place of electric or gas powered boilers. With a negligible effort, your savings can be increased further if you can discover a local business that provides a great deal of waste woods, for example, old pallets. Often they’re happy to provide the wood for free to ignore compensating for its exclusion themselves.

So, don’t let your swimming-pool go unused just because of the fact that you don’t want to pay the high energy bill. Timberline Wood Water Stoves’ wood burning pool heaters can keep your pool warm and friendly throughout the years while saving your energy bill and safeguarding the precious environment. For any further inquiry about our wood burning pool heater, call us at 1 800 759 8990.

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